Research and development

If you are an automobile manufacturer or involved in supplying, testing, product comparising or benchmark-supported innovation management: we, as a "somewhat different" car rental service, supply you for your research- and development projects with single vehicles or vehicle fleets of types and brands particularly required, custom-fit equipped with all features technically relevant to you.

In procuring you for your dream vehicles, we fall back on long-lasting experience as well as on excellent contacts with the car industry and with dealers. Thereby, we are able to guarantee tailor-made and versatile concepts as well as flexibility and outstanding quality. Whatever you require: specified equipment, special tyres, a particular motor type - we obtain vehicles according to your wishes and deliver them (with our own transporters) on time, Europe-wide, to the place of your choice.
On demand, we procure all types of vehicles - from compact cars to luxurious saloon cars. Whether compact car, sports utility vehicle, station wagon, open-topped, sports car, transporter, HGV or truck tractor, whether gasoline driven, diesel driven, hybrid driven or a gas-powered car: we deliver the hired vehicles required quickly and reliably, at fair prices - and of course with the professional discretion mandatory in the competitive environment.

Interested? Please do call us! We look forward to answering your questions - and, if required, to submit an individual offer which can secure for your competition-oriented research- and development projects a decisive advantage.


TR Autovision GmbH
Schwanheimer Ufer 302
D-60529 Frankfurt am Main

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Telefax: +49 (0)69 3535145-15


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